Natural Gas Upgradation System/ Purification Plant

The Requirement of Natural Gas Today

Natural gas or Landfill Gas is a better fossil fuel to use as a source of energy for electricity generation, heating and Cooking. It is also can be used as fuel for number of applications like as vehicles fuel, industrial fuel and as a raw material for plastics manufacturing and other organic chemicals manufacturing which commercially

An important part of natural gas (Landfill Gas) is considered the quality due to contaminants like carbon dioxide (CO2), Hydrogen sulfide, Nitrogen, Moisture and Other Impurities. Natural gas pipeline operators have strict specifications with respect to CO2 content in gas distributed via pipeline; so this carbon dioxide must be removed before the gas can be transported to Pipeline or Cylinder.

Landfill Gas Upgradation System, Natural Gas Upgrading or Purification Plant, Natural Gas Enrichment System

JOG Natural Gas Upgrading PSA Technology

The most widely used method for separating the contaminants is Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) & Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) technology. JOG’s proprietary Fast Cycle Four Tower PSA & VPSA systems propose compacted, Low-cost, Carbon dioxide separation solutions, typically used for these lower capacity applications (Up to 4000 NM3/Hr Product Methane)

Advantages of Natural Gas Purification Plant:

  • Capable of producing pipeline grade methane by removing CO2 and heavier molecular weight hydrocarbons
  • JOG‘s proven PSA & VPSA Technology – SMOOTH, SIMPLE OPERATION
  • Advanced 7-bed Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Cycles – HIGH EFFICIENCY
  • Capable of Producing pipeline & Vehicle Station Grade methane
  • Cost effective platform & Skid mounted design –LOW MAINTENANCE, LOW OPERATION COST, HIGH RELIABILITY


When purifying field natural gas or Landfill Gas, the JOG Natural Gas Upgrading PSA Plant  handles the job with ease. Featuring ruggedness and trustworthiness, these compact, easily installed systems purify gas streams containing methane to generate higher value products than previously possible. JOG’s PSA Natural Gas Upgrading system are designed to operate reliably with minimal Operation & maintenance Cost, and without the need to replace or regenerate adsorbent media.


  • Simple to maintain – we design proven and reliable natural gas upgrading plant.
  • Minimum utilities and consumables required – MINIMUM OPERATING COSTS
  • Automatic purity control – SIMPLE TO OPERATE/SUSTAIN PRODUCT PURITY with changing feed conditions
  • Skid mounted natural gas purification system – COMPACT, SIMPLE, to COST-EFFECTIVE incorporate, install, or re-locate
  • Customized natural gas upgrading plant designs to minimize cost
  • Configurable procedure design – OPTIMIZED PERFORMANCE for specific projects including facilities with existing power or CHP asset


  • Operating feed flows from 50 to 10000 NM3/hr
  • Operating pressures from 6 barg
  • Recommended for high throughput needs