Molecular Sieves

It’s hard to imagine the production of oil and gas without the use of high quality products such as Zeolite (Molecular Sieves). Zeolites are also known as Molecular Sieves. Those are highly adsorbent and effective catalysts. Zeolite (Molecular Sieves) dehydrate air in truck braking systems, in Control Equipment System; extract water from in Air-conditioners and CO2 removal from Air, oxygen manufacturing plants, Biomethane plant and Natural gas plant.

But most importantly Zeolites (Molecular Sieves) play an essential role in dehydrating and purifying natural gas, foil gas, liquid and gas flows at petrochemical plants. Due to their microporous structure they can sieve molecules as well as selectively absorb or separate certain substances.

JOG Waste To Energy is a major supplier of Molecular Sieves and Adsorbents in India. We have a great deal of experience in zeolite production spanning a quarter of a century. We carefully examine each stage of zeolite preparation, invest in modern facilities and choose the most effective engineering methods.

Molecular Sieves Application

Example Application: Zeolites are regularly used in the production of double glazed windows for the effective control of the level of moisture between the two panes. Since Zeolites granules selectively absorb only water molecules and not oxygen or carbon dioxide molecules, the air between the two panes is easily dehydrated, without producing a vacuum at the same time. The result is a double-pane unit that, although airtight there does not deform when exposed to a temperature drop of the adjacent ambient air and produces no condensation.

  • Zeolites are used in many complex chemical processes and are routinely applied in sectors such as construction, pharmaceuticals and agriculture.
  • Oxygen Generation and purification
  • Carbon Dioxide Removal
  • Hydrogen Purification
  • Natural Gas Drying and Separation
  • Drying the inner space of insulating glass
  • Solvent Drying (Methanol, Ethanol, Isopropyl, Dichloromethane, Chloroform, Toluene etc)