Biogas Project Equipments


Biogas Slurry Feeding Screw Pump

If you need to move Biogas slurry at a constant rate, the answer could be to use a positive displacement pump. This type of equipment is able to


Single Membrane Biogas Balloon /Biogas Holder

Single membrane Biogas Balloon / Biogas holder material (special PVC Coated) is high voltage and fire resistant, resistant to damage by sharped


Horizontal Solid Liquid Separator

The Horizontal Separator is utilized for separation of digested processed biomass into solid and liquid parts included into the basic equipment of


Digonal / Inclined Side Entry type Agitator/Mixer

Digonal/Inclined Side Entry type Agitators/Mixer are specially designed to work in the aggressive/ harsh environment inside the Digester, with


Double Membrane Biogas Balloon /Biogas Holder

Double Membrane Biogas Balloon/ holders are used for biogas storage. It’s mounted tightly on the roof of the Digester and separated sphere on


Biogas Analyzers

Biogas analysis can help upgrade digester operation and maximise methane creation. It helps process control, which can help shield CHP motors