Biogas to Electric Power Generation

Nowadays everyone is discussing about sustainable energy, but actions speak louder than words. Using Biogas from the fermentation of organic waste, JOG provide a solution of Biogas engines can create heat and power as a reliable energy source to power your business today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Biogas is used to generate electrical power as well as heat can be produced with the help of simple conventional gas fueled generator. The proportions of heat and power generated depend of course on the design of the plant but generally the chemical bond energy present in Biogas can be converted into 35 percent electricity and rest of 65 percent into heat.

A General outline of Biogas to Power

The disposal and treatment of biological & natural waste are significant difficulties for many industries. Anaerobic fermentation-a better option to composting—provides a unique solution for the management of a wide range of organic substances. Created during anaerobic Digestion, biogas serves as a more energy, renewable fuel that can be used as a substitute for fossil fuels. Biogas engine not only improve waste management, but also generate an economical energy supply.

With a combined heat and power (CHP) system salutation from JOG, electricity and thermal energy are efficiently produced onsite for captive utilization. The system is further enhanced by avoiding the electricity losses that occur in the transport, transmission and distribution processes from the point of power generation to your facility. CHP produces electrical and add up to (electrical + warm) efficiencies. Thermal energy is released in the combustion process and can be utilized for preheating or producing steam, as well as a variety of process heating or cooling systems. Also, surplus power can be sent out to the power grid, regularly giving extra income. The outcome is a system that can provide significant efficiency, profitability and environmental advantages over separately creating heat and power for your facility.