Medical Oxygen Generator System

JOG Medical Oxygen Generator System:
The Wise Choice – The safe source!

The Global Demand for Oxygen Generation in the medical Field is Growing Rapidly and to us, this is a great challenge!

We can Provide the state of the art Oxygen Supply you need meet your day-to-day requirements and demands.

A JOG Medical Oxygen plant or system is the wise and safe choice when choosing your Oxygen supply. In close corporation with our increasing number of medical customers. We have designed and developed a product line specifically for the medical application.

We offer a modular design. Which is Easily Installed with any existing Oxygen supply. It be cylinder, cryogenic or other PSA System. Our highly Advanced Central Control system carefully operates the system marking sure your desired Oxygen quantity and Quality is supplied always.

Further features Include:

  • Full Independency
  • Full automation
  • 24/7-365 days operation
  • Full Compliance with European Pharmacopoeia

Our Extensive Standard product range included models supplying from 5 to 500 m3 /h.

Salient Features:

  • Low Energy Consumption (1.0KW/m3)
  • Low CO2 Emission
  • Heavy Duty Construction Designed for Rough Condition
  • High Quality & Durable Components
  • Frame – built design
  • Trouble – Free Installation
  • High Quality Touch Screen Control Unit
  • Remote Control Access

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    Furthermore, Our Highly advanced PSA Medical Oxygen system provided up to 1000 m3 and 2.5 bar outlet pressure in one single production stage!