JOG-Biogas is one of the world’s leading enterprises in the field of construction of concrete as well as stainless-steel, biogas plant manufacturer in India. Our strength lies in custom-tailored design and technically superior solutions for projects up to 100 thousand M3 per day capacity. We have been executing the full range of engineering services and construction of biogas plants manufacturing since 2013. We have gain specialization over a large pool of technologies, steel or concrete reactors, thermophilic or mezophilic process and learned the best possible technologies for device and method of biogas production.

Being a fully integrated biogas solutions provider, we have maintained our position in the domain with our cutting edge technologies thanks to our dedicated employees, sustainable company concept, and our esteemed customers.

Therefore, we feel that we are well-armed for the future in the biogas market with the support of our own plant, and a wide portfolio of services and direct marketing. In this context, the high proportion of internally developed components is a key success factor. This enables the input of a diverse range of feed-stocks, a fast and economic assembly and a consistently high quality standard ? regardless of the location.

After a biogas plant goes live, we offer additional support through our experienced mechanical and biological service team, 24 X 7 availability, and an in-house lab contribute significantly to the efficiency of the plant. In this way, we cover the entire value chain of energy generation with biogas and Biomethane ? from the plant construction to the plant operation.

Biogas Turnkey Project Equipment

JOG Digester Technology

We offer the design and construction of completely wet mixed Digesters. JOG uses this type of technology for All type of Biodegradable Waste and clean and wet organic feedstock…

Biogas Upgradation Plant

For the production of high-value Biomethane or BioCNG and clean gas vehicle fuel, Jog Waste To Energy Pvt ltd manufacturer’s biogas upgrading system, biogas purifier, biogas..

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal System

Biological removal of hydrogen sulfide from Biogas or Biological Scrubber utilizing conventional biological H2S removal system has been a demonstrated strategy for many….

Biogas to Electric Power Generation

Nowadays everyone is discussing about sustainable energy, but actions speak louder than words. Using Biogas from the fermentation of organic waste, JOG provide a solution..

Biogas Project Equipments

Under necessity, CSTR “Works Industry” also constructs and installs individual parts of Biogas Generation: Biogas Slurry Feeding Screw Pump, Diagonal/Inclined Side Entry…

Biogas Analyzers

Biogas analysis can help upgrade digester operation and maximise methane creation. It helps process control, which can help shield CHP motors from H2S and moisture damage.