About Us

Today, Jogwte is renowned as one of the pioneer company for providing Renewable Energy Customize Solution in order to make use of Wastage Energy. We at JOG WASTE TO ENERGY is an established solar venture concentrated on off-framework and on-lattice (with net metering) Solar Power plant applications. Our main goal is to give renewable vitality source at a moderate cost. We will probably be the slightest cost control maker on the planet by Solar Energy.

We offer On/Off network Solar Power Plant in India on long haul settled value contracts to our clients, at costs which much of the time are at or underneath current choices for these clients. Since start, we have accomplished a broad decline in sunlight based Power Plant cost, which incorporates a critical reduction in adjust of frameworks expenses due to some extent to our esteem building, outlining and acquisition works. We are taking a shot at Customize Solutions of Solar Rooftop Project for Industry/Residence as per prerequisite of the Customer. JOG WASTE TO ENERGY should give the Turnkey answer for this rooftop beat sun based Photovoltaic Power Plant.