Biogas Analyzers

Biogas analysis can help upgrade digester operation and maximise methane creation. It helps process control, which can help shield CHP motors from H2S and moisture damage. Subsequently, it guarantees that methane is produced efficiently, ultimately generating revenue.
We likewise have an incredible diagram which outwardly takes you through the biogas monitoring.

About BIOGAS portable Biogas Analyzers

  • The BIOGAS analyzer has a robust, high quality design fit for the most hazardous anaerobic digestion sites
  • Reliably measures gas levels of CH4 (0-100%); CO2 (0-100%); O2 (0-25%)
  • Optional measurable gases include H2 (0-1000ppm); NH3 (0-1000ppm); also H2S (0-50, 200, 500, 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000ppm)
  • Accompanies better free warranty as per Product
  • Lightweight, robust, easily portable biogas analyser
  • Optional Gas Analyser Manager Software (GAM) for your ID set up and data download
  • New and improved Firmware Updater Tool: you can skip answering numeric questions; specify data logging intervals from as low as 15 seconds; the gas check screen provides bottle pressure information to prevent analyser damage and costly repair
  • New firmware updates are now available to users
  • Additional accessories available for this product
  • Demonstrations, hire, training, technical support immediately available to users