JOG Digester Technology

JOG-CSTR Technology

We offer the design and construction of completely wet mixed Digesters. These Digesters work at a low total solids-content and can be used as main Digesters, or as post-Digesters.

JOG uses this type of technology for All type of Biodegradable Waste and clean and wet organic feedstock such as energy crops, agro-industrial residues or food waste. The JOG-CSTR is a continuously stirred Digester with Biogas storage on Top.

JOG-CSTR Characteristics

  • Round Digester in concrete construction
  • Total solids content between 2 and 15% in the Digester
  • Mesophilic or thermophilic operating Temperature
  • Easy replaceable stirrers
  • Modular concept

Full Digester Package Includes

  • Concrete Foundation
  • Digester tank wall
  • UPVC BioGas Holder/Balloon
  • Insulation
  • Inclined side Entry type agitator
  • Ladders & work platform
  • Manhole
  • Water level measurement
  • Inspection windows (illuminated)
  • Overpressure safety valve
  • Gas Pipe
  • Tank wall ducts & flanges
  • Design for mesophilic operation
  • Including construction & commissioning

Optional Equipment

  • Design for thermophilic operation
  • Sludge discharge pipe to the Digester center for complete draining and sludge removal
  • Self-cleaning inspection windows
  • External Digester Heating With Heat Exchangers
  • Floating layer Outlet
  • Foam Sensor and Spraying Nozzles
  • Measurement devices for temperature, pH, gas pressure, gas quality
  • Overflow protection
  • Manhole with inspection window

JOG-CSTR Advantages

The JOG-CSTR process has some significant advantages:

  • Simple Design
  • Short Construction period
  • Optimal heat- and material distribution inside the Digester
  • Limited Height
  • Efficient degassing inside the Digester
  • Large Digester volumes possible