Solar Rooftop Power Plant

Installing of on grid solar power plant can reduce your Industry’s Electricity bill extensively. In many spaces, the cost of solar energy electricity is lower than what your Industry is currently paying. With an average life extent of 25-35 years, a solar power plant with net meter investment can save lots of money in the long term. By going Solar Energy, your Industry can also protect against rising electricity costs. On an average Electricity price rate rising 6 to 7% from Last some years. By installation of Solar Rooftop plant with net meter you can catch free Electricity for 25-35 Years. Electricity duty Exempted and Addition Surcharges Exempted on generated Solar Energy.

Our services Includes
  • Cost impact analysis and feasibility study
  • Technical / Commercial consulting.
  • Site survey Project Design and Detailed engineering.
  • Regulatory and government Liason
  • Supply of materials, components and BOS
  • Erection and commissioning
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance
  • Subsequent Consulting for revenue maximization